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Tim did give us a beautiful chocolate factory where there are dwarfs , purest chocolate, rooms made from candies and equipments which can send the objects inside the TV set,but the abundant imagination which enlightens us didn‘t make its appearance."The original story can be like this",such feeling disappeared.And unitl the end of the whole movie,the favorite character was not Charlie or Willy Wonka,nor were the children and their parents who got four Golden Ticket,but the bunch of old man in Charlie‘s home.As the progatonist of the story,Charlie was the tranditional good boy who took charge of home at an early age.He was kind and knew how to make both ends meet with a deep look on his face which was inappropriate with his age;Willy Wonka was both selfish and hysterical;four kids were four extremes who were greedy and spoiled belonging to the arrogant post-modern grown man.Since they showed up,we could guess their results;regarding the grown-ups,from the accompanying parents to the grown-ups who tried to buy Charlie‘s Golden Ticket,even the uncle who was selling the candies,they were all so pale and lacked individuality.Finally,what made me laugh happily was only those old men whose age added up to 381 years old.It was also because of them that made this movie have some warm feeling.Though the story was still familiar,the warmth of family would never fade away.But besides the beginning and end which lasted more than half and hour,can the conventional  story in the middle satisfy the audiences?At least I was not satisfied.


we can‘t live without love, especially love from the family. sometimes we may have good luck,() for example owing lots of money or good chances, like what charlie met in the movie. however, we could not give up our family love to choose money or others. family is a good place to laugh, to cry. no matter you are happy ro sorrow, your family members will be together with you. my family is not rich, but our relationship is very well. sometimes, we may complain the poor house, the common clothes, but we love each other, my lovely family members.

love can not be payed by money. so, as long as we own love, we are the happy people.

At last, I hope everyone cheirsh his family for ever, and love them all his life.