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The book‘s more than 300 stories, each of which contains a profound truth, let me learn to love to others, with confidence to meet life‘s challenges. When I face setbacks and frustrations, it would be my encouragement and consolation; in my face when successful, it will allow me to the future with hope. It will always be my life‘s mentor.

This book, so that impressed me most was the story of Juan Qi: Ye Yan feeling. This story is about a group of wild geese help each other, fly to the South. Along the way, they encountered many difficulties, but they work together with the strength of the team, successfully reached the final of the South. The story of the Black word I still remember the deep: "The bird will not rise too high, if only to use their wings soaring." In fact, is far more than birds, in fact, were the same. Only among people help each other in order to obtain greater success. The team is a powerful force, if a person from the team, it would never be enough help to win success. Keep in mind that the success of those who always know how to Languages and other people, because they have greater advantages. Remember that there are personal: "Do you have an apple, I have an apple and we exchange the two after an apple; but you have a thought, I have a thought, we both have two each after the exchange of ideas. "It is for this reason that a united collective always better than one.

Three Stooges, one better than Zhuge Liang. Share common goals and collective sense of the people can be faster and more easily reach the place where they want to go because they are each other‘s momentum by virtue of its ability to help and act in the future. Life of all kinds of examples of this. Scientific research, many successful people are in fact standing behind a number of great help to him. In the case of those who received the Nobel Prize for it, they always would like to thank the award after some people in this period of his full help. Without these people, then he can not always possible to invent and create something. It is because of these people to help, he can engage in to success.

Of course, "Jack" gave me far more than help them. It also should be taught me to love other people, to learn how to achieve the dream of how to overcome obstacles in the face of death, and so the attitude. Thanks to the "Jack" help me, I will always remember "Jack" taught me everything.