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Seeing that Morrie received him so warmly, Mitch suddenly came to realize that he had lost something very precious. “Death and sickness, and getting fat and going bald happened.” He thought. “I traded lots of dreams for a bigger paycheck, and I never even realize I was doing it.”

It’s very though on the journey of pursuing our dreams and therefore many people fail. So did Mitch. He gave up his dream of becoming a musician and started to earn as much money as he could. By doing this, he was gradually getting older. Hadn’t him seen Morrie, he would know what he was really doing. He abandoned his dream and something else.

Money is not so important. If the money we have is able to support our living, it’s enough. Wanting much more money than you need usually makes one confused and likely to lose something more meaningful, such as family, friend, your beloved ones and a satisfied life.

Only by understanding those above will a male or a female resists the temptation of money or status and turns to those things, as I say, deserves to cherish. It can be really pathetic when one desires to cherish something that used to be ignored but the time leaving for he or she is limited. Never make it too late to cherish things deep into your heart. Time will never flash back and you won’t have the chance to live for a second time.

However, there are still some great people who don’t cherish their own precious things. Instead, they work for other people’s happiness. Take Chairman Mao and Zhou Enlai for example, they nearly gave up everything to fight for China’s independence and make China stronger. Gandhi fight for his own nation’s independence. Martin Luther King sacrificed his life to help gain the black’s civil rights in America. They gave out many and received little. Somebody may be unwilling to do like that. That’s really too much, they would say. We cannot tell whether they are wrong or not. It’s just two ways of living.